Features for February 2009

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Renewables in Africa

Dieter Holm, long-serving member of the international solar energy society (ISES) looks at the role renewable energies can play in combating climate change in Africa, and argues that the EEG (feed-in-tariff) legislation pioneered in Germany would be the perfect place to start.

Promising but uncertain future for renewables in China Promising but uncertain future for renewables in China

Renewable energy in China has a promising future, but more incentives are needed, write Geoffrey D. Mullen and Weidong Wang at Grandall Legal Group.

Investing in geothermal Investing in geothermal

Until recently, most investors have largely ignored geothermal technology. But in the past two to three years, investor interest in geothermal technology is finally catching on – with increased recognition of the huge potential to be tapped. Kai Sametinger of forseo GmbH asks what has triggered this new interest surrounding the art of investing in geothermal.

Biomass from algae Biomass from algae

Fuels made from living biomass rather than organisms fossilised some 200 million years ago have attracted worldwide attention – and suspicion. While development continues apace, first and second generation fuels based on terrestrial plants are controversial because they require cultivation resources that could otherwise be used for growing food. What about the third generation?