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Denmark continues its renewable tradition Denmark continues its renewable tradition

Denmark is proud of its heritage when it comes to pushing forward the use of alternative energy solutions, and is all set to host the make or break un climate change conference (COP 15) in 2009. renewable energy focus assistant editor Kari Larsen saw some of the Danish projects for herself.

NEX update: April – May

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the NEX since its slide at the beginning of 2008, but the months of April and May saw investors again keen on solar, wind and power storage, reports New Energy Finance's Tom Greenwood.

Venture Capitalists: getting on the cleantech radar Venture Capitalists: getting on the cleantech radar

The last few years has seen investors flock towards early stage companies in 'cleantech', doling out healthy wads with abandon. But as the risk of the 'b' word has begun to encourage a far more critical eye, what do companies need to demonstrate to get their hands on the cheque?

UK potential for wind, wave and tidal in focus

Major political developments in the UK could have a significant impact on the success of future project development of wind, wave and tidal energy in the country; the Crown Estate has released details of the Round 3 scheme, and parliament turned its attention to planning…

Wind and renewable energy from Beijing to Houston

GWEC's intrepid secretary general heads back to China for two high profile events, and peers into the muddy waters obscuring China's long term energy vision.

Mandatory or voluntary carbon reduction?

Part three: Where does the renewable energy industry fit into the mandatory and voluntary carbon reduction schemes? Bill Eggertson reports.

PV: make way for the organic movement PV: make way for the organic movement

Made of organic monomer and polymer (plastic) semiconductors – rather than the inorganic silicon semiconductors that are the photovoltaic (PV) mainstream of today – Organic PV (OPV) promises to radically reduce material and production costs, which should lead to cheaper systems. Does its current lack of efficiency really matter, or can OPV’s other virtues make it a viable alternative?

Biofuel: aviation alternative?

Obtaining more passenger/freight-miles for less fuel is a priority aim for aviation, given the pincer pressures of escalating fuel costs and environment, which are squeezing operators to desperation point. A more sustainable basis for fuelling aircraft is needed, and biofuel is a leading, if controversial, candidate.

CSP dish projects under development CSP dish projects under development

This article looks introduces an interesting aspect of concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) technology, namely solar dishes.

Indium and Gallium: long-term supply

The high cost of crystalline silicon has kept system prices high, and given cheaper, thin-film materials an extra boost in the credibility stakes. This article from Indium Corporation looks at CIGS technology – namely the sustainable supply of indium and gallium that is so important to the technology.