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Scheuten Solar wins Frost & Sullivan award

Analyst Frost & Sullivan has presented Scheuten Solar with the ‘2009 Global Frost & Sullivan Industry Innovation and Advancement of the Year Award’ for its “ability to focus on a rapidly developing market, understand the needs of the customers and provide solutions that blend innovative developments, years of experience, and above-average quality and service.”

In 2007 Scheuten Solar launched its Sunrise project aimed at manufacturing thin-film solar cells that do not use silicon.

Its use on large surface areas, flexible dimensions, and general synergy with existing wafer technology is an advantage for the company, which will enable the thin-film solar cells to be produced on a large scale, Frost & Sullivan says.

"Prestigious building-integrated projects - the Nippon Industrial College in Tokyo, the Hauptbahnhof Berlin Central Station, which is the largest railway station in Europe at present, and the major turnkey solar power plants in Spain, Italy, and Greece - combined with an efficient network of sales staff across the global markets and years of knowledge from its solar divisions make Scheuten a reliable partner in this rapidly-upcoming market," says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Suchismita Das.

"The company's products combine robust features with aesthetic design, durability, flexibility, and return on investment, thus helping it effectively maintain the leading position in the market.

"Apart from having a keen pulse on the consumer needs, the company has developed a significant technological innovation capability and strong R&D expertise that have been successful in advancing the state of the industry forward," adds Das.

"These factors make Scheuten the worthy recipient of the 2009 Frost & Sullivan Industry Innovation and Advancement of the Year Award in the global solar PV modules market."

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that has proven to be a leader in the industry and that, through its pioneering technology, sound business strategy, and research efforts, has been successful in moving the state of the industry forward.

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