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Rave new GWEC Chairman

Dr Klaus Rave has unanimously been elected as the new Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) Chairman for a two year term, replacing Arthouros Zervos.

As Managing Director of the Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein, Dr Rave has been involved in financing wind power projects since 1991, and he has been a strong supporter of wind energy since its early days.

He also served as President of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) from 1999 to 2002, and is currently EWEA's Vice President.

"Klaus has been a valued ally and friend to me for many years, and I could not wish for a more suitable successor to lead GWEC at a time in which the sector is facing numerous challenges," says Zervos, the outgoing GWEC Chairman. "I wish him all the best in this important role."

"I am excited to take on this responsible position and to lead GWEC's valuable work in promoting wind energy globally," says Dr Rave.

"I thank the Board for their trust and support, and look forward to working with these leading wind power professionals to firmly establish wind power as a major energy source in countries around the world."

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