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DP CleanTech and Chant Group bring biomass CHP to China

DP CleanTech has signed a contract with the Chant Group for the delivery of a co-generation biomass combined heat and power (CHP) plant to Heilongjiang province, China.

The biomass CHP plant will consume soft straw residues from the local farming community to provide an annual total of 1.8576×108 KWh of electricity to the China state national grid in addition to 571,000 GJ of energy for district heating bringing much needed infrastructure and employment to the Mingshui area.

The biomass power plant will be powered by two 75t/h boilers. It is expected the dual boiler system will provide increased power as well as offer better fuel load flexibility. DP CleanTech’s technology combined with the additional heating capacity is estimated to boost the overall thermal efficiency of the plant to nearly 46%.

DP CleanTech's Simon Parker says: “This is our second contract with the Chant Group, we are very excited to be working with them, we consider them to be a visionary client with great plans to develop biomass energy.”

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