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Energy from waste facility commissioned

Energos’ second energy from waste gasification plant in Sarpsborg, Norway is being commissioned.

The 32 MW Energos plant will process 78,000 tonnes per year of residual commercial and industrial waste – generating up to 250 GWh/a of steam. The Energos waste to energy process recovers in excess of 80% of the energy contained in the non-recyclable waste.

The new plant complements the existing 27 MW Østfold Energi-owned Energos facility that has been generating 185 GWh/a of steam since 2002.

The energy from waste facility is currently undergoing testing as part of the early commissioning process, and is expected to be handed over in May – two months ahead of schedule.

The facility is owned by Norwegian Hafslund Heat and Power AS.

The technology

Energos’ gasification technology is a two-stage thermal treatment process converting residual, non-recyclable waste into gas by using the heat of partial combustion to liberate the hydrogen and carbon within the waste.

Residual waste is fed into the gasification chamber, where it is manufactured into a syngas. This syngas is then transferred to a secondary oxidation chamber where it is fully combusted in a controlled environment that enables much tighter control than can be achieved in conventional energy from waste plants.

The resulting heat energy is used to produce steam, which can be used to supply renewable heat and / or electricity.

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