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AFC Energy wins fuel cell order from Centrica

In the UK, AFC Energy has secured an order from energy company Centrica to reserve 250 kW of fuel cell systems for use in a flagship project. AFC Energy is developing low-cost alkaline fuel cells for industrial applications.

The AFC Energy fuel cells will provide Centrica with a source of carbon-free electricity generation that offers a conversion efficiency into electricity of up to 60%. This is far greater than any fossil fuel generation currently on the market.

The commercial terms of the agreement are to be agreed once AFC has completed development of its 50 kW fuel cell system in 2011.

‘We are delighted to receive this order now, which effectively gives Centrica an option over our future capacity when we start to roll out our 50 kW fuel cell systems,’ says Ian Balchin, Chief Executive of AFC Energy.

‘We have looked at a number of technologies that have the potential to generate low-cost electricity with zero carbon dioxide emissions,’ adds Brian Amos, Contract Manager at Centrica.

Amos continues: ‘The fuel cell system from AFC Energy has the potential to meet our requirements for a specific project. We look forward to working with AFC Energy to deliver this solution.’

Progress with fuel cell testing and development

In October AFC Energy successfully completed an important field test of its first generation, lower-cost, non-platinum electrodes at the AkzoNobel chlor-alkali plant in Bitterfeld, Germany.

Centrica is an integrated energy company operating mainly in the UK and North America. In the UK, Centrica supplies gas and electricity under the British Gas brand. British Gas is working with Ceres Power to commercialize a 1 kW solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) combined heat and power (CHP) product for residential applications.

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ducky said

23 November 2010
There is a lot of research about AFC here..

It may by useless for you?

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