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NHA Hydrogen Conference & Expo will feature market-ready products

Zero-emission cars, forklift vehicles, new fuel cell power units, and hydrogen production technology that will provide green energy, green jobs, and a green planet are all part of the Expo within the annual NHA Hydrogen Conference coming to Long Beach, California in May.

The National Hydrogen Association will hold the 21st NHA Hydrogen Conference & Expo from May 3–6, 2010 at the Long Beach Convention Center. The event is the largest hydrogen conference in the US, and the world’s longest running annual hydrogen conference.

‘The purpose of the Expo is to showcase the latest developments and products in hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology, and to foster their commercialization,’ says Bruce Cole, NHA Expo Manager.

Cole continues: ‘As the world deals with energy and global warming problems, hydrogen energy has a huge role to play. Coupled with nuclear, renewable or traditional energy sources, hydrogen and fuel cell technology offers a better alternative to many current ways we use energy.’

One focus of the Expo will be an educational forum designed for end users of hydrogen energy and fuel cell applications. The forum, on May 3, will provide information about the benefits and cost savings of using hydrogen energy and fuel cell solutions in applications related to materials handling, backup power, cell phone and other communication towers, and power (small fuel cells) for military and personal applications.

‘Based on 2009 participation,’ adds Bruce Cole, ‘the Expo will feature about 100 exhibitors. About two-thirds of the Expo space has been already reserved.’

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