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NHA Hydrogen Conference & Expo taking place May 3–6, 2010 in Long Beach

The National Hydrogen Association will hold its 21st annual NHA Hydrogen Conference & Expo this year in Long Beach, California from May 3–6, 2010 at the Long Beach Convention Center. The event is expected to attract more than 1500 attendees, and feature more than 150 speakers.

The NHA Hydrogen Conference & Expo, with the theme ‘green energy, green jobs, green planet,’ is the largest hydrogen conference in the US, and the longest running annual hydrogen energy conference in the world.

‘California is a major center for the development of hydrogen and renewable energy technologies, not only in the US, but also in the world,’ says Jeff Serfass, President of the NHA. ‘This will be the perfect venue to highlight the latest achievements of the industry, and announce plans for what progress will come next.’

The exhibition will feature about 100 exhibitors showcasing the latest developments in fuel cells, hydrogen energy technology, and applications such as fuel cell powered vehicles, refueling infrastructure, and many other hydrogen using or generating technologies.

The NHA Hydrogen Conference & Expo attracts attendees from virtually every segment of the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, as well as related industries which may be hydrogen technology customers, state and federal governments, researchers and more. More than 20 countries will be represented, including Germany, Japan, and China, which have major national programs to produce and use hydrogen.

Major session topics at this year’s conference include using and storing hydrogen from renewables, international programs, education & outreach, safety codes & standards, storage in chemical and metal hydrides, infrastructure analysis, electrolysis R&D, military applications, fuel cell R&D, hydrogen storage, delivery and refueling, infrastructure design, production from biomass, transportation, and investing in hydrogen technology.

The popular Ride and Drive will again be managed by the California Fuel Cell Partnership, with leading auto manufacturers providing up to 20 hydrogen and fuel cell powered vehicles in which attendees may ride or test drive.

In addition, there is an educational forum on Monday, May 3 for end users of hydrogen energy and fuel cell applications. The forum, ‘Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (HFC) Basics: Solutions to Power Your Business,’ will provide information about the benefits and cost savings of using hydrogen energy and fuel cell solutions in applications related to materials handling, backup power, cell phone and other communication towers, and small fuel cells for military and personal applications.

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