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EFOY fuel cell power for Globe4 Cross Country concept motorhome from Dethleffs

An EFOY fuel cell from SFC Smart Fuel Cell is being used for onboard power in the ‘Globe4 Cross Country’ concept vehicle from Dethleffs. The German motorhome builder is exhibiting the innovative recreational vehicle at the CMT caravanning and tourism show in Stuttgart this week.

The Globe4 Cross Country concept vehicle, which is based on the successful Globe4 model, combines functional elements with elegance and outdoors experience. The EFOY direct methanol fuel cell power supply from SFC Fuel Cell delivers reliable and emissions-free energy, and guarantees maximum freedom in remote locations, far from the power grid.

‘The Cross Country is a very intimate reflection of my way of life,’ asserts German TV star Till Demtrøder, who provided input for the vehicle design. He anticipates using the vehicle on the film set, to provide a mobile oasis. It will also accompany him on tour at horse-riding events, as it can tow a horse box trailer.

‘In this project, we were looking for an independent and ecological power supply solution, and we found it in the EFOY fuel cell,’ explains Thomas Fritz, Managing Director at Dethleffs. ‘The EFOY delivers clean off-grid energy and complements a modern, individual, responsible lifestyle, which is what the Globe4 Cross Country also stands for.’

‘We are extremely pleased that the EFOY fuel cell was chosen for this unique project,’ comments Dr Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell. ‘The fuel cell provides enormous freedom and the ultimate in comfort, because it is a quiet, lightweight and emission-free source of energy – just what more and more RV travelers are looking for.’

The EFOY fuel cell is available from 48 motorhome manufacturers throughout Europe, either preinstalled or as an optional accessory. The fuel cell comes in five different models, with a charging capacity ranging from 600 to 2200 Wh per day. Consuming less than 1 liter of fuel per kWh, these fuel cells are an economical, clean, and convenient off-grid power supply for recreational vehicles.

The EFOY M5 and M10 fuel cartridges with 5 and 10 liters of fuel, respectively, are available at more than 1400 sales points across Europe.

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