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Ceramic Fuel Cells achieves 60% efficiency

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd has achieved electrical efficiency of 60% from one of its natural gas powered fuel cell home appliances while exporting electricity to the grid.

Because the unit will be installed in homes, there are no electricity transmission or distribution losses.

“We have now achieved 60% efficiency in a fully integrated fuel cell and heating system, while exporting 1.5 kW of electricity to the grid. This is not a laboratory test but a unit that has all the functions of a commercial unit for homes. Our company’s products will be located in the home, so 60% efficiency is at the power point, with no transmission or electricity distribution losses,” says Managing Director at Ceramic Fuel Cells, Brendan Dow.

Ceramic Fuel Cells’ technology uses fuel cells made from ceramic materials to generate highly efficient and low emission electricity and heat from natural gas and renewable fuels.

Ceramic Fuel Cells’ units also recover heat from the electricity production process and use it to heat home hot water, increasing the units’ efficiency to 85%.

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