Air Liquide acquires Hydrogen Generation Module technology from H2Gen Innovations

In the US, Air Liquide has acquired the Hydrogen Generation Module (HGM) technology from Virginia-based H2Gen Innovations. The HGM technology is being acquired by two Air Liquide affiliates: Air Liquide Process & Construction Inc, and Air Liquide Industrial US LP.

H2Gen designs, manufactures and markets on-site hydrogen generators and gas purification units. The H2Gen on-site HGM units are modular steam methane reformers, which provide flexible production capability solutions from below 2000 to over 50 000 scfh (50–1400 Nm3/h).

The HGM units produce high-purity hydrogen for a variety of applications, including float glass production, heat treatment of metals, hydrogen energy, and photovoltaic processes. In the past few years, H2Gen has seen its HGM activity grow rapidly, with numerous units in operation in North America as well as recent commercial successes in Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

‘The HGM units embody a comprehensive set of inventions and innovations that H2Gen has developed steadily over the past seven years,’ says Barney Rush, CEO of H2Gen Innovations. ‘Air Liquide offers a great platform for the future success of these products, worldwide.’

Air Liquide had previously selected H2Gen as its preferred supplier for small-scale steam methane reformers, and has used the HGM technology in several recent projects. The innovative technology in the H2Gen HGM offers a simple, compact, and cost-efficient reactor, making them highly competitive.

‘With the acquisition of H2Gen’s hydrogen generation technology, Air Liquide will provide customers with a comprehensive on-site hydrogen solution,’ says Michael Graff, President and CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings. ‘The HGM units offer a clear advantage over alternative technologies in this range, and create opportunities to develop competitive combined gas offers for a variety of industries.’

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