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SFC Smart Fuel Cell, Jayco in fuel cell alliance for recreational vehicles

SFC Smart Fuel Cell in Germany has established a joint research and market development alliance with US-based recreational vehicles maker Jayco, to study the feasibility of the utilization of EFOY fuel cell technology in RVs in North America.


SFC Smart Fuel Cell is a leading supplier of direct methanol fuel cell products for mobile and off-grid power applications, with its EFOY product series. Over the past few months, Jayco – the largest privately held RV manufacturer in North America – has been testing the SFC EFOY series for a new lightweight series of recreational vehicles that offer low energy consumption.

The EFOY series of fuel cell systems from SFC Smart Fuel Cell comprises three models, with a charging capacity from 900 to 2200 Wh per day, depending on individual power requirements. This ensures 24/7 power availability in any season and any weather.

SFC Smart Fuel Cell has been very successful in the European market, with 48 RV manufacturers currently offering EFOY in their catalogs, and more than 15 000 units sold for a variety of applications. The target of this project with Jayco is to provide US recreational vehicles users with lightweight, silent and emissions-free power generation for off-grid use.

The new alliance was announced at the 47th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

‘We are enthusiastic about this research and market development alliance, which has the capability of providing our customers with a reliable power and zero-emission solution for their Jayco RV,’ says Derald Bontrager, President and Chief Operating Officer of Jayco Inc. ‘Reliable, comfortable and environmentally friendly power supply is a significant concern for RV owners, and the EFOY provides an excellent alternative.’


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