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BP and DuPont cooperate on biobutanol biofuel

BP and DuPont will focus on the commercialisation of advanced biofuel technology biobutanol through their joint Kingston Research Ltd, at a £25 million purpose-built development and demonstration facility at BP’s Saltend site, near Hull, UK.

Kingston Research General Manager, Luc Van Den Hemel, says: “Biobutanol is a new lower-carbon fuel and we are excited about demonstrating this technology in the Humberside region. Biobutanol is a biofuel that can be made from all the same crops as bioethanol and can be blended into petrol at higher levels, which means that we’ll be able to introduce biofuels more quickly.

“In the future, it will be possible to convert bioethanol refineries to produce biobutanol, allowing this industry to make an even larger contribution to meeting the world’s energy needs.”

Working closely with Yorkshire Forward, the Regional Development Agency (RDA) for Yorkshire and Humber and UK Trade & Investment, the biobutanol biofuel joint venture between BT and DuPont could create 27 jobs in the region.

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