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Vestas makes its wind power e-learning programme freely available

Vestas has decided to make it as simple and easy as possible for pupils, students, teachers, and others to learn about wind power and the energy challenges facing the world by making its e-learning programme on wind power freely available.

As of next year, anyone interested can access Vestas' e-learning programmes free of charge on the Vestas website. The goal is to provide a greater knowledge of wind energy as a real alternative to traditional energy sources like oil and gas.

"Many people outside of Vestas have questions about wind power. As the world's leading manufacturer of wind turbines, we would like to put wind at the top of the global agenda. For that purpose, our award winning e-learning system is perfect. We can easily make knowledge accessible to a large group of people," says Roald Steen Jakobsen, president of Vestas People & Culture.

The first e-learning modules will be uploaded on Vestas' website in the coming months, but you can sample the wind power e-learning programme now.

The logic of wind power e-learning in Vestas World

  • Vestas World is a platform for learning, which today has more than 25 hours of training and e-learning modules in English;
  • Vestas World builds on characters, locations, technology, graphics and capabilities without having to start from scratch when new courses need to be developed;
  • Vestas World is developed in collaboration with experts in e-learning;
  • Pre-tests and post-tests are given in Vestas World to measure the participant's learning effect for each module.

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