Baxi Innotech installs Gamma fuel cell CHP unit on Hamburg museum ship

A fuel cell combined heat and power (CHP) unit has officially been put into operation on a museum sailing ship in Hamburg, Germany. The fuel cell unit, developed by local firm Baxi Innotech, now provides energy and heat in the former freight sailing ship, the 'Rickmer Rickmers'.

The Baxi Innotech Gamma 1.0 unit, operating on hydrogen reformed from natural gas, is the first of 100 such fuel cell CHP units to be installed in and around Hamburg by the regional energy supplier, E.ON Hanse. The Gamma 1.0 system was launched in the spring at the ISH Trade Fair in Frankfurt.

According to E.ON Hanse, several dozen of the planned 100 Gamma fuel cell CHP units are to be installed in the region over the next few years. This project represents a further milestone in Hamburg’s aspiration to become a model location for local energy supply using this innovative and clean technology.

The Baxi Innotech units are part of the Callux field trial, which is taking place throughout Germany. The Callux project is the largest practical test so far in preparation for the market launch of fuel cell CHP units for residential use. Callux is part of the German National Innovation Program for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, which is coordinated by NOW GmbH.

Over the past decade, Baxi Innotech has been developing a fuel cell heating unit, that is efficient in both environmental and energy terms. Over the years, intensive field tests conducted throughout Germany have provided valuable insights into the deployment in and user habits of single-family households. These field test results have contributed strategically to the technical maturity of the Gamma 1.0 model.

This form of heating for single-family homes, which also generates electricity, covers 100% of the annual heating requirement. At the same time, it generates perhaps more than 70% of the annual energy requirement. Local specialist fitters – trained by Baxi Innotech – will carry out the installation and servicing of these units.

‘Our Gamma 1.0 fuel cell heating unit will first be driven by natural gas and, in future, also by organic natural gas. There is no other heating technology that is more efficient, or cleaner,’ says Guido Gummert, Managing Director of Baxi Innotech. ‘This project confirms this, as well as clearly showing how fuel cell technology works. Energy suppliers, the specialist trade, and end customers will all be able to benefit from these advantages.’

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