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Mitsubishi 3 MW solar PV panels in largest rooftop installation on a single building in Italy

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has completed a 2906 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) installation for Coop’s CNNA-Prato logistic centre in Prato, Italy, making it the largest solar PV rooftop installation on a single building in Italy, the company says.

Of the 15,710 lead-free solder solar PV modules used for the 2906 kW system, 15,650 modules (2895 kW) have been installed on the warehouse roof, covering a surface of 21,000 m2, equivalent to five football fields.

The solar PV rooftop is expected to generate 3.2 GWh per year, which will not only completely meet the energy needs of the logistic centre, but will also generate an estimated amount of 500 MWh excess electricity that will be transferred to the national distribution network.

The 2895 kW solar PV installation on the warehouse roof has become the largest rooftop PV system on a single building in Italy, Mitsubishi Electric says.

The warehouse roof was specially designed for solar PV installations, given that rooftop installations in Italy receive a higher feed-in-tariff rate than those on the ground, and effectively use space. In addition to the 2895 kW rooftop system, an 11 kW system of 60 solar PV modules has been installed on the parking lot grounds.

Mitsubishi Electric adds that it will launch its new product line-up of high-output lead-free solder solar PV modules with outputs of up to 235 W in January 2010.

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