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Siemens introduces next-gen solar receiver for solar thermal power plants

Siemens has released a new solar receiver, the UVAC 2010 (Universal Vacuum Air Collector), which is said to further increases solar thermal heat production.

The UVAC 2010 is the next generation of the UVAC receiver, which, according to Siemens, is “the key component for the solar fields of parabolic-trough power plants”.

Using high-tech coatings, UVAC 2010 absorbs maximum solar energy and converts it into heat used to produce electricity.

The UVAC 2010 features improved heat loss as a result of technological advances in the sputtered selective coatings, as well as an improved active area to length ratio, which enables greater solar exposure of the receiver and a proportionate increase in absorbed energy. The low heat loss levels – below 9% - provide solar thermal developers with greater efficiency, Siemens says.

Siemens adds: “Until 2020, the market for solar thermal power plants will show annual double-digit growth rates and attain a volume of over €20 billion. In the future, the primary focal growth regions will be the US, South Africa, Australia, Spain, India, North Africa and the Middle East.”

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