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Dow unveils POWERHOUSE solar shingle for BIPV

The Dow Chemical Company is introducing its line of DOW™ POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingle, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels in the form of solar shingles that can be integrated into rooftops with standard asphalt shingle materials.

The PV solar shingle systems are expected to be available in limited quantities by mid-2010 and projected to be more widely available in 2011, Dow says.

Technology from Dow Solar Solutions (DSS) integrates low-cost, thin-film CIGS solar PV cells into a roofing shingle design, which represents a multi-functional solar energy generating roofing product.

The solar shingle reduces installation costs because the conventional roofing shingles and solar generating shingles are installed simultaneously by roofing contractors. No specialised skills or knowledge of solar array installations are required, according to Dow.

Jane Palmieri, Managing Director of Dow Solar Solutions, says that Dow's solar shingles technology addresses two of the biggest challenges associated with solar power – cost and acceptance: "Consumers reap the benefits of our innovation. This is about providing roof protection and electricity generation all from one product, with lower costs, improved aesthetics, easier installation and long-lasting performance."

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