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Online platform offering policymaker toolkit for secure and renewable energy

A new online platform launched by the World Future Council provides policymakers throughout the world with tools to unleash sustainable and renewable energy development.

A catalogue of policies and regulations to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and to reduce the overall energy demand could help parliamentarians to create a better policy framework, WFC says.

The PACT website, which was originally launched in November 2007, has been completely rebuilt and embraces eight new policy recommendations on energy efficiency.

Dr Axel Bree, Policy Officer and chief editor of the PACT website, says: “Our new website has been explicitly designed for policymakers. We want to sensitise them to the urgent need to develop sound renewable energy policies and increase energy efficiency but also emphasise that, by promoting the renewable energy transition, thousands of jobs can be created and money can be made. The unique aspect is that we don’t leave it at that but combine this information with precise policy recommendations and suggestions of how to implement them”.

The PACT website is divided into a section that provides ‘a one step clearing house’ for designing ‘Feed-in Tariffs’ as best policies to accelerate the development of renewable energy and into a series of eight sound policy recommendations to reduce the overall energy demand.

There are policy examples for the use of cooking stoves, which do not emit CO2 or other hazardous fumes, but produce biochar, an organic, carbon-storing fertiliser.

Smart electricity meters inform consumers about how they could save up to 10% of their electricity costs by running the washing machine at off-peak times or turning off appliances on stand-by. Congestion charges can mitigate traffic problems and curb gasoline consumption in large cities while taking in funds for public transport and cycling lanes, WFC says.

The website is complemented by a new booklet that can be downloaded at or ordered from the WFC.

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