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FLABEG Solar US Corp. opens solar mirror production plant

FLABEG, a high-tech glass and mirror applications provider, is opening a new 209 sq ft production facility for solar mirrors near Pittsburgh International Airport, USA.

The solar mirror factory will have an annual capacity to deliver parabolic curved mirrors up to 450 MW for PT plants. The production site is equipped to produce tempered solar mirrors in addition to the established monoliths, untempered mirrors.

“Our philosophy has undergone no change, nevertheless we want to be fully prepared for all possible changes in the law,” says FLABEG CEO Axel Buchholz on the extended production range. “We expect some federal states will introduce standards for safety glass for concentrated solar power (CSP) applications. Our core production will remain with untempered solar mirrors.”

Field tests indicate a breakage rate of 0.027% for FLABEG untempered solar mirrors.

The new facility will in future also be home to thin-glass applications for solar dishes and concentrated solar photovoltaic (PV) and also flat mirrors for solar power tower heliostats and linear Fresnel solar power plants.

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