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Mexico and Spain to create strategic alliance to foster PV development

The Spanish Photovoltaic Union and the Mexican Association of Photovoltaic Energy have agreed to create a strategic alliance in order to share experiences and knowledge between the two countries.

The International Technical Conference held last week in Mexico City by UNEF in collaboration with the Wind Energy Association (AEE) and Solartys saw more than fifty Spanish and Mexican companies meet to discuss the possibilities of collaboration. From this meeting the Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF) and the Mexican Association of Photovoltaic Energy (ASOLMEX) have agreed to create a strategic alliance to foster the development of PV.

During the event the first auction of renewable energy was held and the Mexican government announced its aims to produce more than 35% of the country’s total energy from renewable sources by 2024. The government believes that PV will play a key role in the future energy mix of the country, given the good results registered at the first renewable energy bid, and the 4-6% annual growth of the electricity demand. The government confirmed that 75% of the 2.700MW that were bid were assigned to PV.  

In a few days a second bid is set to be launched, with a third one planned for December.

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