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Four new major PV power plants totaling 98 MWp to be eligible for the Philippine FIT scheme

Syntegra Solar has announced that 4 large PV power plants with a combined nominal production capacity of 98 MWp have been successfully commissioned in the past two weeks, beating the FIT deadline of March 15, 2016, to be eligible for FIT compensation under the 500 MWp cap of the Philippine FIT scheme.

The 18 MWp MonteSol PV power plant located near Bais City is designed to produce more than 28.400 MWh annually of solar electricity, offsetting approximately 20,000 tons of CO2 per year and producing power for 16,200 average Philippine households. The Bais PV Power Plant was installed in just over 80 days from “first pile in” to commissioning and energization (“first power out”).    

The IslaSol 2A and 2B PV Power Plants, with a combined production capacity of 32 MWp, will produce some 50.500 MWh annually of emission-free solar electricity, offsetting about 35.200 tons of CO2 per year and producing enough power for 28.800 average Philippine households.

The 48 MWp Manapla PV Power Plant will produce over 73.500 MWh annually of emission-free solar electricity, offsetting approximately 53.000 tons of CO2 per year and producing enough power for 43.200 average Philippine households. Again, this PV Power Plant has been installed turn-key in just 127 days counted from “first pile in” to “first power out”.    

“We are pleased to provide the very best service to our customers as Owners Engineer and in significantly contributing to their meeting both the deadline and the cap of the Philippine FIT scheme. This team achievement was only possible with the full dedication of all parties involved – Owner, EPC, Subcontractors, and Owners Engineer – and by applying best-practice processes in installing state-of-the- art PV Plants”, said Mathias G. Kothe, Managing Partner of Syntegra Solar. “The concerted and well coordinated team effort for these new PV Power Plant projects achieved aggressive timelines amid a high-stress environment”.

To date, Syntegra Solar served in a total of 194 MWp of large PV Power Plants as Owners Engineer in Philippines alone; all these projects meet the requirements to be counted under the Philippine FIT scheme.  

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