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Renewable NRG Systems launches new user interface for TurbinePhD® condition monitoring system

Designed for vibration analysts and technicians alike, updates include improved fleet views, reporting, and alarm features

Renewable NRG Systems (RNRG), a designer and manufacturer of decision support tools for the global renewable energy industry, has completely redesigned its software interface for the TurbinePhD wind turbine condition monitoring system (CMS). TurbinePhD is the only CMS in the wind industry that is engineered for use by wind plant operators at multiple levels of their organization, from technicians to data analysts.

Automated Diagnosis

TurbinePhD’s powerful automated analysis classifies the health of all turbine drivetrain components, so users don’t have to be vibration experts to get actionable information. Improved alert management allows users to handle all alerts in one place and track who acknowledges and clears issues. Charts and data can be easily exported for deeper analysis.

Fleet Health at a Glance

The TurbinePhD user interface is completely web-based, so users can access all of their turbine health data anywhere with an internet connection. The fleet view allows operators to assess the health of all wind farms at a glance, and graphical health alerts clearly highlight those that need attention. At the wind farm level, users can see which turbines have new alerts or view and download charts of the most critical faults on the farm.



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