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REC wins sustainability award for solar energy solutions

Achievement marks REC’s second IAIR Group award in two straight years

REC, a leading global provider of solar energy solutions, has won the 'Best Company for Sustainability award in the category Global Solar Energy Solutions' by IAIR® Group, in a ceremony held in Hong Kong on March 10. This marks the second year that REC has won the award.

REC has been recognized for its sustainability efforts in both its products and special initiatives as an environmentally-friendly company. It is committed to continual improvements in its business operations, with minimal impact to the environment through its solar manufacturing processes. REC has been achieving year-on-year reduction of electricity, water and chemical consumption as well as reducing the landfill waste generation with an increase in its solid waste recycling activities.

"We are delighted that REC has won the award for two consecutive years,” said Martin Cooper, CFO of REC Solar ASA. “Our high-quality and reliable solar energy solutions have set new benchmarks for global sustainability. This is certainly an endorsement of REC's global position on eco-issues and global sustainability.”
Voted by a judging panel and over 50,000 readers of the independent magazine and research institute, the award recognizes REC's excellence in ecologically sustainable products and a responsible global business conduct. The IAIR® Global Awards event hosted around 300 attendees, which included top-ranking companies from all over the world. Now in its fifth year, the IAIR Awards take the form of a roadshow, with multiple events in the main financial centres around the world, including New York, London and Dubai.

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