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EIGHT GmbH and Zam Energy team up on solar car charging initiative

Innovative solar-powered vehicle charging stations headed for the US as part of an international expansion.

EIGHT GmbH & Co. KG and Zam Energy, LLC have announced plans to promote and distribute the solar charging stations Point.One and Point.One S in North America. 

The solar charging stations from EIGHT enable sustainable and emissions-free e-mobility inspiring EV drivers to live the new modern urban lifestyle. The innovative charging system enables the construction of curved “free-form” objects with planar aluminum sheets. Manipulation of its inherent elastic bending capabilities, the custom pre-cut sheets can simply be plugged into position, where they are being fixed by custom node plates. The unique production process as well as the digital and parametric product planning keep materials and energy consumption to a minimum and facilitate individual solutions that correspond with the corporate design and brand language of any customer and the layout of any environment. 
According to Christoph B. Roessner, managing director and founder of EIGHT, the Point.One S solution is a good fit for destinations who seek smart distributed resources packaged in a modern design. “Smart campuses, progressive cities and destinations have all had interest,” he said. “We want to make use of the momentum in cooperation with Zam Energy, which understands smart distributed resources that can become a destination and branding icon.”
EIGHT’s partner, Zam Energy, is focusing on partnering with smart and sustainable campuses and public place initiatives that seek the modern design aesthetic such as stadiums, entertainment complexes, large retail centers universities and airports. The company firmly believes that merging smart distributed resources in a high-profile destination package signals to patrons that the property is ahead of its peers.
“The solar charging stations from EIGHT offer properties a big statement for modern design — unmatched in North America,” said Erin Geegan Sharp, founder of Boulder, Colo-based  Zam Energy. “EV Infrastructure design will never be the same with this solution, which combines intelligent design with emissions-free e-mobility – connected to the smart distributed resources.”
In the coming months, Zam Energy and EIGHT plan to execute several marketing activities and sales programs to meet the demand for solar charging stations in the US.

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