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PV CYCLE programme reaches important milestone

Photovoltaic ‘take-back’ scheme has collected its first 10,000 tonnes of discarded PV modules in Europe.

Created in 2007 for and by the PV sector, PV CYCLE is the only take-back scheme to offer dedicated PV waste management and compliance solutions. With its comprehensive network of hundreds of collection points, specialized waste transporters, and certified PV module recyclers, PV CYCLE has steadily increased its collection figures from an initial 80 tonnes in the first year of operations to 10,053 tonnes today.

“Having collected such significant amounts of PV module waste, PV CYCLE has demonstrated its ability to treat large quantities of waste anywhere in Europe”, said Olmina Della Monica, operations and treatment manager Europe at PV CYCLE, the PV CYCLE, the PV-focused waste management and compliance provider in Europe.

Originally a voluntary initiative, today the take-back and appropriate disposal of discarded post-production PV modules is mandatory in the European market. Since the European Waste Electronic and Electric Equipment (WEEE) Directive was amended in 2012, PV modules fall under the waste management requirements.

“Since 2010, our collection and recycling achievements have consistently exceeded the EU targets set in the 2012 WEEE Directive,” said Jan Clyncke, managing director at PV CYCLE. “PV waste will significantly increase in the coming years, and it is important to show that PV CYCLE is ready to meet the challenges ahead.”

By the end of October 2014, PV CYCLE had made collections in 20 different European countries with an infrastructure of 350 collection points.

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