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Blue Star Ferries, Eco Marine Power launch shipping-based renewable energy project

Partners to jointly deploy and evaluate innovative marine renewable energy solutions.

Eco Marine Power and Blue Star Ferries have agreed to jointly deploy and evaluate a range of innovative renewable energy related technologies for shipping, including the Aquarius Management and Automation System (MAS)1 with an integrated marine solar power system. Under the terms of the deal, Blue Star Ferries' own technical team will supervise the project whilst Eco Marine Power will provide project management and technical consulting services in addition to providing equipment along with various strategic partners.

The project will evaluate, in stages, a number of innovative solutions developed by Eco Marine Power and its strategic partners on-board the “Blue Star Delos” – a modern high speed passenger and car ferry owned and operated by the multi-award winning Greek shipping company - Blue Star Ferries of Athens, Greece - a member of Attica Group.

During the initial stages of the project, a marine solar power system using flexible lightweight marine-grade panels from Solbian Energie Alternative will be integrated with the Aquarius MAS, and real-time performance monitoring of the solar power array will be conducted. In addition the fuel oil consumption of the vessel will be logged, with emissions data calculated using the Aquarius MAS.


  1. The Aquarius MAS is an alarm handling, performance monitoring and data logging platform which also includes features to monitor fuel oil consumption, calculate emissions & monitor marine renewable energy solutions.This system has been specifically developed by EMP & KEI System Ltd. of Osaka, Japan, to allow for renewable energy systems to be integrated into a common platform which can also be used to monitor other systems on ships such a main engines, generators and pumps.

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