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Acta S.p.A, Dantherm Power A/S announce partnership

Collaboration focuses on the development a self-recharging fuel cell backup power system.

The deal between Acta S.p.A, a hydrogen energy company, and Dantherm Power A/S, a subsidiary of Ballard Power Systems Inc, seeks to address the significant opportunities for off-grid backup power in cold and remote geographic regions where traditional power sources suffer from severe drawbacks. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Acta will initially support Dantherm in the integration of Acta’s EL 1000 electrolyser with Dantherm’s fuel cell backup power system. Once integrated, the combined device will be deployed on an island location close to the Arctic Circle, where it will be powered by a wind turbine. Shipment of the order is scheduled for September 2014.

Following previous demonstrations of the capabilities of Acta’s system in arid and humid environments, the project is expected to demonstrate the suitability of Acta’s electrolyser products for renewable energy storage applications in challenging cold environments. Acta and Dantherm are already in discussion regarding a number of suitable opportunities across the Nordic region.

“We have been discussing technical collaboration with Dantherm for some time, and we are pleased to be going ahead together with this installation,” said Paolo Bert, CEO of Acta. “We see a significant opportunity for fuel cell backup power systems for remote locations including cold environments, where the ability to generate hydrogen onsite from renewable power sources is a key enabler.”  


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