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FREE DOWNLOAD: Concentrated Solar Power in the USA

This guide provides exclusive data on the current project pipeline in the US, as well as the market's growth potential. It also examines the potential use of CSP in other markets and the opportunities for US companies to export their know-how and technology.

With the Ivanpah, Solana, Mojave, Crescent Dunes and Genesis projects all having been completed or nearing completion it must now be speculated – is there a definable American model of CSP development?

And if so, are established US developers, EPC groups and suppliers that have been involved in landmark projects now in for an exporting boom, as the rest of the world turns to the US to share its CSP technology and experience?

CSP in the USA: A guide to Domestic Growth and Exporting American Know-how

In this guide CSP Today explores the current status of CSP technology in the US and provides a breakdown of 5 plants that have transformed the industry.

It explores how these plants will impact the CSP market at home and abroad, focusing on how US companies can use their experience in developing these projects in key emerging markets such as South Africa, MENA and Latin America.

This report is available to download free of charge here.

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17 October 2014
download not begin.

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