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WYG energy project consultancy welcomes new associate director

Simon Sjenitzer tapped to establish the strategic direction of energy and climate change business within WYG's energy team.

Based at the Cumbria office, Sjenitzer will be responsible for joining up all relevant capabilities under one umbrella to create a unified approach for WYG’s clients.

"This is an extremely exciting time to be joining WYG, and I’m greatly looking forward to working with the wider team," Sjenitzer said. "I’m going to be re-invigorating WYG’s UK ‘Virtual Energy Forum’ in order to help coordinate our strategic approach to this sector as government policy continues to evolve and new opportunities emerge."

According to Sjenitzer, the current renewable energy market conditions present opportunities for WYG. The energy consultancy is targeting several key markets, including district heat networks, offshore wind and tidal, energy demand reduction and associated network infrastructure. WYG’s energy team will also be looking at new business opportunities coming from the petrochemical and coal industries.

"The imperatives of energy security and climate change are having a profound effect on all our lives, but this is also conversely providing significant growth in all areas of related Low and Zero carbon Technology," he said. "Government policy and rising energy costs are driving the market and therefore our clients’ requirements."



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