Moventas wins multiple turbine service projects

Agreements entail Moventa WinWind 3 MW turbine service deals for clients based in Finland and Estonia.

The clients involved in the deal include Haminan Energia and the Estonian Nelja Energia. The deliveries, scheduled for this spring and summer, include factory service, project management, installations, spare parts, new main bearings and, in some cases, related crane services.

Estonian Nelja Energia owns three wind farms and 19 WWD3 turbines across the country. The WWD3 projects now agreed with Moventas will be carried out in three turbines in the Aseriaru and Viru Nigula wind farms. These projects include both a replacement gear installation and 12-day service at Moventa's workshop in Jyväskylä.

The damages threatening the turbines were detected with Moventas’ CMaS condition management system. CMaS also detected emerging damages on the WWD3 turbines Moventas serviced last year on the Swedish Uljabouda mountains and on lake Vänern. CMaS manages a wind turbine drivetrain with seven parameters by measuring temperature, vibration, load, pressure, rounds per minute, oil condition and oil particles.

Moventas’ cooperation with Haminan Energia began last June, when all five Haminan Energia’s wind turbines were installed the CMaS system and existing systems were upgraded. This June-July, one of the Summa wind farm’s turbines will be installed a replacement gear. Additionally, service of the next possibly damaged gearbox will be planned well in advance and other turbines too will be monitored with the help of CMaS.

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