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EnerDel, Parker supply grid energy storage system for Winter Olympics in Sochi

US-based EnerDel and the Energy Grid Tie Division of Parker Hannifin have collaborated on two major energy storage projects in Russia, including the backup power capability for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

EnerDel, a leader in utility-scale lithium-ion battery energy storage systems, was contracted in 2010 to supply backup power for the substations that support the XXII Olympic Winter Games. The company’s system has been built, delivered, and commissioned well in advance of the start of the Winter Olympics, which begin tomorrow.

Electrical energy storage is emerging as a sustainable way to avoid power outages and bring greater efficiency to electrical grids around the world. Parker has developed a power conversion system (PCS) that connects energy storage elements, typically large banks of batteries, to the grid to efficiently manage fluctuations in demand.

Energy storage with power conversion

EnerDel engineers worked onsite with local and global partners to install the energy storage system. In addition to the Sochi energy storage system, EnerDel has also built, delivered, and commissioned an identical 1.5 MW, 2.5 MWh energy storage system in the city of Saint Petersburg.

It is a credit to EnerDel’s energy storage system as well as our engineering expertise to be selected to help back up the electrical infrastructure in the region surrounding Sochi. We are confident in our system’s robust quality, and know it is an important part of the federal and local governments’ readiness efforts.
David Roberts, CEO of EnerDel

Parker Hannifin provided the power conversion system for both installations. The PCS includes Parker’s innovative precision cooling system, which increases the throughput of high-power electronics by up to 40%. This offers the most efficient and compact solution across a wide range of energy applications.

Parker also provided related equipment such as outdoor battery enclosures, complete with climate control, fire suppression, and monitoring systems.

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