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Langlee Wave Power provides 24 MW wave power system to Turkey

Norwegian wave power system provider Langlee Wave Power has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the Turkish energy company Ünmaksan to build a 24 MW wave power facility worth approximately NOK1 billion following pilot facility testing.

Phase 1 of the wave power project is a prototype designed for typical wave conditions near Turkey’s coastline; the pilot facility will be developed during 2010. Following testing of this pilot wave power installation, Ünmaksan and Langlee are to develop a full-scale wave energy farm with an electric power generation capacity of 24 MW, at a total investment cost of approximately NOK1bn.

Langlee’s license fee revenues for the Ünmaksan wave power project are estimated at approximately NOK90 million.

Ünmaksan’s Managing Director Mr. Serhat Kan, says: “The agreement with Langlee is a promising starting point in the development of Turkey’s wave power resources.”

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