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  • OriginOil supplies algae biofuel technology to France
    OriginOil Inc will supply its Algae Appliance harvester to its French joint venture (JV) partner Ennesys for a test of urban algae production at the La Défense complex near Paris, France.
  • OriginOil launches commercial algae harvesting system
    OriginOil Inc has launched the Algae Appliance, a commercial entry-level algae harvesting system to process algae at a low cost and without chemicals for biofuel production.
  • Algae – an annoying growth, or green bioenergy gold?
    For the average citizen, algae is often viewed as a problematic growth within backyard swimming pools and in-home fish tanks. However in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 and a potential biofuel, algae is a hot topic.
  • Algae to fuel research enjoys resurgence at NREL
    Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the USA are accelerating efforts to identify and characterise the most promising strains of algae for fuel production. The work has resumed more than a decade after its original algae fuels programme was curtailed because the algae fuels were considered too costly to compete with petroleum.


Algae Screen controls bacteria growth in commercial production

OriginOil, Inc has tested its new Algae Screen water cleaner and says that it can control bacteria and microscopic predators in commercial algae production.

"Initial test results saw a dramatic drop in contaminant load while the culture still maintained target cell integrity,” said Dr Matt. Julius of the Department of Biological Sciences at St Cloud State University in Minnesota, who performed the tests. “This is one technology that will change the industry once it is fully validated.”

The Algae Screen prototype required less than 0.1 watt-hour of electricity per gallon of treated water. A model offering a 60 litre per minute capacity can treat a 40,000 litre pond or bioreactor for less than 10 cents per day, pumping extra.

Microbiological control is one of the major barriers to commercial-scale algae production today. Bacteria, rotifers and ciliates can easily take hold of a culture and induce the “crash” of a commercial algae production system. This is especially true of algae used in high-end commercial products, such as Hematococcus pluvialis. Other species are even more at risk of bacterial and predator contamination, for instance, Botryococcus braunii.

“B braunii has tremendous potential in fuels and nutrition due to its very high oil content,” said Dr. Thomas Ulrich, an OriginOil advisor. “But that same fattiness makes it a prime target for predators, preventing its use in large-scale open ponds.

“If these promising research numbers continue to hold true, Algae Screen could actually make industrial production of high-oil algae possible, which in turn could make competitive ‘green’ fuel a reality,” he added. “Cheap, clean fuel could be a real game-changer.”

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