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Gamesa commissions first offshore wind turbine in Spain

The first offshore wind turbine installed in Spain has been commissioned by Gamesa, for installation at the Arinaga Quay in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands).

The turbine is also Gamesa’s first offshore prototype, with 5 MW of nominal power, a rotor diameter of 128 m and a total height of 154 m. It will generate enough energy to power 7,500 households a year.

Gamesa’s 5 MW offshore platform is equipped with the technology Gamesa has already used in its 4.5 MW system, plus the know how and experience acquired during the 4.5 MW's rollout. The first turbine of this new platform, Gamesa G128-5.0 MW has a modular and redundant design, which helps ensure reliability and maximises energy output, improving the cost of energy.

Gamesa began the installation of the tower, the nacelle and three blades of the wind turbine in mid-April 2013, with the assembly of the tower, manufactured by Windar (a joint venture between Gamesa and Daniel Alonso). The nacelle, manufactured at the Tauste, Zaragoza factory, is 12.5 m long, 4 ms tall and wide and weighs 72 tonnes.

The three blades are 62.5 m long each and 15 tons in weight, the longest produced and transported in Spain.

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