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Phono Solar grows Australian presence

Phono Solar has signed a distribution agreement with an Australian solar distributor, helping consolidate its position in the Australian market.

Under the agreement, solar specialist Supply Partners will sell 10 MW of modules for Phono Solar per year in the next three years.

This follows news of Phono Solar’s recently 20 MW distribution agreement with Australian-owned REDSET.

“The team at Supply Partners is pleased to distribute on behalf of Phono Solar for the Australian market, due to their long manufacturing business history and the fact they are already honouring warranties on a range of products in the Australian market,” said Supply Partners business development manager John Degotardi. “We see opportunities for cooperation on a range of energy efficiency products with Phono Solar and are impressed with Phono Solar’s relationships with other impressive manufacturers internationally like Power One Aurora”.

Phono Solar has already successfully won over two sales partners in the country.

“Phono Solar is delighted to cooperate with Supply Partners which has built up a strong reputation in Australia,” said Geng Geng, vice president of Phono Solar. “With our combined regional awareness and product expertise we look forward to delivering cutting-edge, innovative solutions to the Australian solar energy market.”

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