ersol launches new micromorph thin film module

With the start of series production, ersol Thin Film GmbH, a subsidiary of ersol Solar Energy AG, is launching its first micromorph thin-film module, under the name Vega-T.

ersol claims that its Micromorph technology will initially enable an efficiency of about 8% compared to the 6% efficiency level achieved by amorphous thin-film modules.

In contrast to the simple amorphous version, the micromorph thin-film modules have a double-layer structure consisting of an amorphous and a microcrystalline silicon layer. Due to their different structures the two layers absorb different wavelengths of the sunlight, giving added performance.

In the next few years, an increase of over 10% in the efficiency level of micromorph modules is planned, according to the company, and the next few months will see all production at ersol Thin Film converted from amorphous to micromorph modules.

“The area-related system costs can at the same time be lowered with the higher level of efficiency. The introduction of micromorphous tandem technology thus represents an important step towards cutting PV electricity generation costs,” says Dr Christian Koitzsch, technical director of ersol Thin Film GmbH.

Ersol says the Vega-T has already been tested and certified by the TÜV Rheinland Group.


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