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  • Options for micro wind generation, part 2

Predicting real-time energy yields is critical to ensuring that urban wind turbines are designed, constructed and installed in the most viable manner. In the second of a series of three articles on urban wind energy, Bill Holdsworth looks at predicting the energy yield, and architectural solutions.

  • Power stations: can solar power join the big hitters?

Large conventional and nuclear power stations have traditionally been the ‘big hitters’ of electrical power generation, with a few up to 4 GW. Wind, too, is beginning to muscle into the ‘Gigawatt-Plus’ club. George Marsh asks: How soon solar power could join the big hitters.

  • Neah successfully tests anaerobic direct methanol fuel cell prototype

US-based Neah Power Systems has demonstrated a new type of liquid electrolyte-based direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC), which does not require air to operate.

  • EfW: could biogas be used to power fuel cells?

One of the major problems for fuel cells is the fuelling infrastructure itself. Hydrogen – the fuel of choice from an environmental or energy efficiency perspective – is not yet widespread enough to drive fuel cells towards the mainstream, and other fuel choices such as natural gas are equally problematic. But one fuel cell company in the USA has found an answer by powering fuel cells with biogas derived from a number of different applications.

  • China to be number one on wind power

China could become a major player in wind energy – not just in instalment, but also in producing wind turbines and components, according to a report from analyst McIlvaine Company.


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