Germany: Trina Solar supplies PV to former military airfield

Trina Solar has supplied 61MW of PV modules to a large-scale solar project on a former military airfield in the state of Brandenburg, Germany.

More than 252,000 of Trina’s multi-crystalline solar modules each with an average output of more than 240Wp, have been installed at the Green Tower project in the the former Preschen airfield in Jocksdorf.

The compound has been developed into a giant solar farm with rows of modules extending for more than a kilometre. According to Trina, the park, which has now been fully commissioned, is considered “one of the most efficient in the world”.

“Selecting Trina Solar as our main module provider was a very good choice”, said Alfred Behrens, CEO at AB Unternehmensberatung & Beteiligungsgesellschaft, the company which developed the project. “Because construction advanced well ahead of schedule, we ordered an additional 5.5MW of modules, which Trina Solar was able to provide and deliver to the site in just three days. Delivery capacity like that is hard to beat.”

US-listed Trina was founded in 1997 as a PV system installation company, before entering the manufacturing business. The company is vertically integrated into all parts of solar module manufacturing, from the production of monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon ingots, wafers and cells, to the assembly of modules.

“We are glad to have contributed to the success of this solar farm as the main module provider”, said Ben Hill, head of Europe at Trina Solar. “Their decision to work with Trina Solar clearly endorses our corporate strategy and priorities: high quality and adherence to schedules, and being flexible when parameters change – these are the ingredients you need to make large-scale projects like this successful.”

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