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AdvanceBio Systems wins Brazil contract for biomass pretreatment research

AdvanceBio Systems LLC has announced that its SuPR2G Laboratory Scale Pretreatment Reactor has been selected by biomass pretreatment research work planned by CTBE, the Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory in Campinas, São Paulo.

The R&D will focus on the production of fermentable sugars, biofuels and chemicals from lignocelluloses rich biomass feedstocks. CTBE and AdvanceBio Systems will collaborate on the pre-treatment research and on other interrelated technologies related to the production of biomass-based fuels and chemicals from lignocellulosic feedstocks.

The SuPR2G reactor incorporates AdvanceBio Systems latest developments which includes the “zero hold-up discharger”, capable of operating in either slurry or pneumatic product removal modes. The core technologies associated with this reactor were recently demonstrated in reactor systems delivered to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Pennsylvania State University.

Pre-treatment has been established as a core process following years of research by groups developing next-generation cellulose hydrolyzing enzymes, xylose fermenting organisms and biomass crops. The SuPR2G system has been designed to hydrolyze a range of agricultural feedstocks including sugarcane, bagasse, corn stover and switchgrass. It includes a touch-screen HMI (Human-Machine Interface) and Ethernet connection to data acquisition systems.

Dale Monceaux from AdvanceBio Systems says that the partnership with CTBE will help to develop technology with the ultimate aim of increasing the bioethanol yield from sugarcane to in excess of 30-40%.

Written by Robin Whitlock


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