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ITM Power, GHR to collaborate on 700 bar hydrogen dispensing in Germany

UK-based ITM Power has signed an agreement with GHR Hochdruck-Reduziertechnik GmbH in Germany, to collaborate on the deployment of dual 700 bar and 350 bar hydrogen refuelling products for the German mobility market.

GHR has developed a mobile hydrogen dispenser for both 700 bar (10 000 psi) and 350 bar (5000 psi) refuelling, which has been in use for several years in Germany. GHR’s knowledge and experience in fluid control and pressurised systems also makes it an important partner in the supply chain for high-pressure components.

The capability to refuel to 700 bar is of key importance, as automotive companies have specified this higher pressure for the fuel cell electric vehicles that are being rolled out as part of the German and UK mobility programmes.

The new agreement will see the integration of an ITM Power hydrogen generation system with a GHR dispenser, to fully address the requirement for ‘green’ 700 bar hydrogen refuelling within the German market.

ITM Power and GHR will combine their experience of achieving product compliance to provide a fully certified solution. The first embodiment will be used for refuelling demonstrations, tendering, and ultimately product roll-out.

‘I am delighted to formalise a relationship that has been many months in the making, with a company already seen as a pioneer in 700 bar dispensing, which neatly complements our own core technical capabilities,’ says Phil Doran, Managing Director of ITM Power GmbH.

‘Progress in merging our respective capabilities for the German market, which is clearly the early mover in the hydrogen refuelling sector, has evolved seamlessly given the complementary nature of our goals, technologies, and capabilities,’ adds GHR Project Manager, Jan Andreas. ‘We are delighted to complement our high-pressure storage capability with ITM’s proven electrolysis equipment.’

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