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Planning approval granted for largest solar PV farm in UK

TGC Renewables, an independent renewable energy project developer, has secured planning approval for the largest UK solar PV project in the UK to date.

The 8MW project will comprise 27,924 photovoltaic (PV) panels, which will be installed over five interconnected fields at a farm site comprising 15.4 hectares, near South Brent in South Devon.

“This project is one of a number of large multi-MW schemes we have in development as we respond to the interest and demand from the farming community for renewable energy’, said Rob Denman, Director, TGC Renewables.

The 8MW project, being supported under the UK’s Renewable Obligation Certificate mechanism, will provide the farm with a guaranteed rental income over the next 25 years. Due to start generating electricity by the end of August, it will generate enough to supply 2500 homes.

The project’s planning approval comes a month after TGC kicked off construction on a 3.6MW solar project in the same region. The smaller project, north of Clawton village, Devon, comprises 4,700 ground-mounted PV panels.

“We now have over 10MW in operation or construction, with plans to increase this to over 100MW over the next 18 months,” said Denman. “The main challenge is finding sites that are suitable and that meet the tough criteria that are required to obtain all the required permits.”

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