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H2 Logic hydrogen station adds to network in Norway

The latest hydrogen refuelling station in Norway has just been officially opened in Lilleström, near the capital Oslo. The new facility is the fourth hydrogen station delivered in Scandinavia by Danish-based H2 Logic in the last 12 months.

The H2 Logic hydrogen refuelling station in Lilleström is part of the Akershus Energypark, which will develop and test a wide range of hydrogen production and compression technologies. The company says that this station is the first in the world to be supplied by hydrogen produced from domestic waste.

For H2 Logic this is the fourth A-70MPa (700 bar, 10 000 psi) hydrogen refuelling station it has delivered in only 12 months, joining stations in Denmark, Norway, and Finland. It also marks a significant step forward in its efforts to standardise and streamline the H2Station® product.

The Lilleström hydrogen station is part of the Norwegian Hydrogen Project HyNor, itself a key participant in the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership.

‘With the Lilleström station we have established our position as one among leading suppliers of hydrogen refuelling stations globally,’ says Jacob Krogsgaard, Director of H2 Logic. ‘It contributes significantly to our continued efforts on cost reduction and improving of energy efficiency and reliability of our H2Station product.’

In addition to continuous development of the H2Station technology, efforts are also under way to secure a steadily increasing supply of additional stations to the growing infrastructure markets. H2 Logic expects to deliver the next hydrogen station for Copenhagen in early 2013.

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