eSolar and Sanmin-SCI form new partnership

The two companies have joined forces in order to combine their expertise in solar thermal, component design and manufacturing for utility scale solar.

eSolar and Sanmin-SCI say they intend to design next-generation Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) components.

eSolar is already a leading provider of modular, scalable CSP plant technology, while Sanmina-SCI manufactures some of the world’s most complex products. Together, according to a statement, their aim is to optimise eSolar’s solar collector system which is already deployed in operation CSP plants.

Gary Breton from eSolar said the company wanted to team up with Sanmina-SCI in order to optimise its products for manufacturability, scalability and cost-efficiency. This would enable cost reductions in manufacturing in order for the company’s products to become even more cost effective.

eSolar’s CSP plant designs utilise sun tracking equipment that the company claims is easy to install, and which can be produced in high-quality factories while being able to be quickly assembled with simple tools and a local workforce.

Sanmina-SCI is an electronics contract manufacturer providing end-to-end manufacturing in the communications, defense and aerospace industries, alongside the semiconductor systems and clean energy sectors. eSolar was founded in 2007 and produces modular and scalable solar thermal power plant technology. The company is based in Burbank, California.

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