Italian solar tracking power plant now online

Convert Italia and Solaria Corporation have just completed the world’s largest low concentrating PV solar power plant which is now online and generating energy.

The new plant is owned by Convert Italia, one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies in Italy with 30 years experience in the industry. The plant combines the company’s MX1 horizontal tracking system with advanced low concentration PV modules developed by Solaria, a company based in Silicon Valley in the US.

Solaria is currently deploying large scale PV projects right across the USA, Europe and Asia in a bid to help meet the increasing global demand for clean energy. The company is led by pioneering industry figure Dan Shugar who is responsible for at least 500 large scale solar projects in a variety of countries right around the globe. In the past Shugar has worked with companies such as J&J, Target, Toyota and Whole Foods.

Solaria’s patented manufacturing process has enabled a more efficient use of crystalline PV optimised for solar tracking systems. Solaria’s modules employ high quality crystalline silicon with tempered glass which has specialized optical qualities for enhanced reliability and performance. Solaria is an ISO 9001 registered company with headquarters in California and an operating presence in Germany, India and China.

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