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UK Supreme Court refuses Government appeal on feed-in tariffs

The UK Supreme Court has refused the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) leave to appeal the ruling against changes to the feed-in tariff.

By Kari Williamson

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey, says: “We are disappointed by the decision of the Supreme Court not to grant permission to hear this case. But the Court’s decision draws a line under the case. We will now focus all our efforts on ensuring the future stability and cost effectiveness of solar and other microgeneration technologies for the many, not the few.”

The decision means that all solar photovoltaic (PV) installations with a reference date between 12 December and 3 March will receive the higher pre-consultation feed-in tariff rate (£0.433/kWh for sub 4 kW systems) rather than the lower tariff rates now in effect (£0.21/kWh for sub 4 kW systems).

Solar Trade Association (STA) Chief Executive, Paul Barwell, comments: “This marks the end of this particular turbulent chapter for the UK solar sector. We welcome the certainty for those who invested and installed since 12 December. However, the extra money DECC will now have to commit leaves us with serious concerns about the remaining FIT budget, which remains constrained under the Levy Control Framework.

”It is vital that the solar industry receives sufficient support, or we risk losing good quality firms over the next year. That will be against a backdrop of new and substantial public subsidies to the oil and gas sector."

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