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Ontario reduces feed-in tariffs – streamlines approval process

The Government of Ontario is reducing the feed-in tariff for solar by over 20% and for wind by around 15% in a review of the programme.

By Kari Williamson

At the same time as announcing cuts, Ontario says it will create more jobs sooner by streamlining the regulatory approvals process for clean and renewable energy.

The state also encourages greater community and Aboriginal participation through a new priority system. It is reserving 10% of the remaining capacity for projects with significant participation from local or Aboriginal communities.

Furthermore, a Clean Energy Economic Development Strategy is being developed to leverage Ontario's expertise and strengths with the aim to become a global leader in the clean and renewable energy sector.

Tough price for wind

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), says the new price for wind of CA$0.115/kWh could be challenging.

"We believe that this new price will prove extremely challenging for many projects and could prevent a number of them from proceeding. This is particularly true for smaller projects and new entrants to the industry, reducing the number of communities and the diversity of players able to contribute to and benefit from the government's ambitious objectives," says Robert Hornung, President of CanWEA.

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