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UK's EMEC supports Japanese Marine Energy Centre

The UK marine and tidal energy development facility, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), will help to develop Japan's first marine energy test centre.

 By Kari Williamson

EMEC and the Ocean Energy Association of Japan (OEAJ) have entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU), under which EMEC will provide advice and support on the design, set up and operation of the Japanese Marine Energy Centre (JMEC).

Richard Morris, Commercial Director at EMEC, says: “The need to address future sustainable energy generation requirements has been accelerated in Japan, for which there is wide-ranging support from within Government and across the country's industry leaders.

"EMEC is uniquely placed in terms of providing consultancy support to countries wishing to set up marine energy test sites and this is an excellent opportunity for Scotland to assist and work alongside our colleagues in Japan, identifying synergies to boost this new and exciting industry for the benefit of the country and its economy.”

Prof. Takeshi Kinoshita, Chairman of OEAJ, adds: “OEAJ is very pleased to be working with EMEC, the world's most experienced marine and tidal test facility, to provide advice and support on the design, set-up and operation of the Japanese Marine Energy Centre.”

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