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Arcola Energy, Horizon to launch global fuel cell product integration platform

Arcola Energy in London and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies in Singapore have formed an exclusive partnership to provide deployment, customisation and integration support to a wide range of companies launching Horizon fuel cell powered products in the UK.

Arcola Energy’s London-based fuel cell mass-customisation platform ranges from small portable to transport-scale applications, including the 150–500 W HyLight family of portable power and lighting solutions, and 3–6 kW motive power systems for lightweight vehicles.

As a result of this localised initiative, an increasing number of Horizon-enabled, Arcola-integrated fuel cell products are expected to launch from the UK into Horizon Fuel Cell’s powerful fuel cell distribution network, which now spans 45 countries.

Arcola Energy has also commenced work on the first UK-based deployment of next-generation Horizon PEM fuel cell stacks, powered by HiSPEC® MEAs from Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells.

The newly designed XP-Series stacks will build on the success of the existing H-Series air-cooled, self-humidifying 12 W to 5 kW stacks, several thousand of which have been sold worldwide in the past three years.

New materials together with numerous design changes make the new Horizon fuel cell stacks lighter, more compact, more efficient, and with increased lifetime. Development of Arcola’s mass customisation manufacturing approach is supported by the UK's Technology Strategy Board.

An increasing number of UK companies – such as BOC, for whom Horizon manufactures the Hymera portable fuel cell generator, and Riversimple with its lightweight urban vehicles – will benefit from phased migration to the new stacks. New clients, to be announced soon, will start with the new stacks immediately.

‘This is a crucial step forward in Arcola Energy’s strategy to capture value for the UK in the global fuel cell supply chain,’ says Dr Ben Todd, Managing Director of both Arcola Energy Ltd and Horizon Fuel Cell UK Ltd.

Todd continues: ‘We now have a blue-chip UK company supplying MEAs and a UK SME providing integration services to Horizon Fuel Cell’s global network of national market development partners.’

‘Switching to the Johnson Matthey MEAs is an important step forward for Horizon, in establishing higher power product capability and fully commercial fuel cell stacks,’ adds Arthur Koschany, Chief Technology Officer at Horizon Fuel Cell.

‘The UK is rapidly becoming a centre of excellence in the integration of Horizon Fuel Cell products, and we welcome these partnerships,’ he says.


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